Bridging the Gaps

Know How to Go: A vital asset for people with disabilities, seniors and veterans that helps navigate the public transportation system

Maximizing Travel Options

Offering a broad range of transportation services for people with disabilities, seniors and veterans

Enhancing Quality of Life

Striving to provide transportation-related services to help people pursue their unique talents, goals and interests

Reliable Transportation Alternatives

Encouraging the use of all transportation modes including buses, accessible vans and taxis, commuter rail and ferry

Creative Solutions

Implementing new transportation services where they are most needed

Community Connections

Promoting the empowerment of individuals to achieve the best access to their community

People Matter

Providing person-centered transportation planning for Southwest Connecticut

About Us

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The mission of the Regional Mobility Management program is to connect people with disabilities, seniors, and veterans with accessible, reliable transportation so that they are able to participate in their communities.  A key goal of the program is to identify gaps and barriers to public transportation that prevent individuals from using existing services.  Once the gaps have been uncovered, we work with our partners from the transportation and social service communities to find creative solutions. Essentially, we are creating a “one-stop shop” where people can find transportation that will meet their needs.

The Kennedy Center, Inc., a non-profit agency that provides a wide array of services for people with disabilities, seniors and veterans, administers the Regional Mobility Management program. The program is guided by a Steering Committee whose members consist of a variety of stakeholders in the Bridgeport/Stamford Urbanized Area including representatives from the South Western Regional Planning Agency, Greater Bridgeport Regional Council, Valley Council of Governments, Connecticut Department of Transportation, Greater Bridgeport Transit District, Norwalk Transit District, Valley Transit District, BHCare, Disability Resource Center of Fairfield County, and the Bureau of Rehabilitative Services. Steering Committee membership is open and participation is welcomed and encouraged from all who are interested in improving transportation services and options for people with disabilities, seniors and veterans. 


*The Regional Mobility Management project is funded by the Federal Transit Administration’s Section 5317 New Freedom Initiative program, in conjunction with the Connecticut Department of Transportation with support from local planning organizations and stakeholders who participated in the development of the Bridgeport/Stamford Urbanized Area’s Locally Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan.  The New Freedom Initiative program is designed to assist individuals with disabilities by funding projects that go above and beyond the requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition, the Regional Mobility Manager works with a Steering Committee made up of representatives from the South Western Regional Planning Agency, Greater Bridgeport Regional Council, and the local transit districts.  The Committee guides the program to ensure its compliance with applicable regulations and its success with delivering transportation services throughout southwest Connecticut. 


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